My Roots

Hey there! I’m Courtney Melancon, the artist and designer behind Tulips and Tea!

Born with a creative soul, I’ve always been an explorer in search of inspiration. As a Kentucky native, I grew up on the countryside, surrounded by the beauty of nature. I will forever be thankful for my adventurous childhood, when there was never a ray of sunshine wasted. I was outside nearly everyday, collecting rocks in the creek, picking flowers from our field, or observing the wildlife right in my back yard.

That adventurous spirit has since been applied to my art. As an adult, I still feel the child-like excitement I used to get when walking down a dirt path, or discovering a flower I’ve never seen before. I capture those moments and use them to fuel my artistic energy. Just as I used to explore as a child, I now do so with my art. I continue to grow as an artist, by trying different techniques and concepts.

My art is a reflection of those beautiful experiences, my love for animals, and my passion for creativity. Each piece exhibits personality, unique style, and layers of exquisite texture.

The Inspiration behind the name

TULIPS: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your goals. Patience has never been my strong suite, so I often get discouraged when I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished enough. One day, when those feelings started to creep up on me, my nana told me this…

You can only plant one tulip at a time. Be patient and one day you will have your field of tulips.

Goals are like tulips. You can only conquer one goal at a time. This reminds me to be patient when working towards those goals.

TEA: As a child, my mother sparked my inspiration for art. She bought me my own sketch book and I used it everyday! I grew up in a house full of antiques. A lot of those pages were filled with drawings inspired by the beautiful tea cup sets in our home.

AND I love sweet tea!


What I’m Lovin’

  1. Movies with the family

  2. Cuddles with the pups

  3. Sunsets in the Hammock

  4. Nature Photography

  5. “How to get away with murder”

  6. Roadtrips with my gals